Cardiff Model Engineering Society

Chernobyl Children's Visit
Sunday 15th July 2012

The 'Children from Chernobyl' visited us at the Cardiff Model Engineering Society (CMES) Miniature Railway in Heath Park.

 The day was organised by Marcia Doyle who set up the Victims of Chernobyl Charity.

Each year we entertain, for a day, a group of children from the area in Belarus, close to where the catastrophic nuclear accident took place on
the 26th April 1986.

This is part of a programme of annual visits of about a month each, organised by Marcia and her friends.

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the Children arrive and have a snack lunch
and pose for the usual 'photo opportunity' before getting down to the business of the day
  the Children are given mementoes of the visit
they return the compliment and thank everyone for their day at the CMES

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